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Little Giant Ladder System

Type II (2) Commercial duty 225 lbs Rated Ladders

(The.Type I (1) is now the lightest duty ladder currently in production.)

No other ladder compares. The Type II (2) Little Giant Ladder System is four to five times more durable than typical ladders. Little Giant Ladders are made of heavy-wall 6005-T5 aluminum and while the Type II (2) Little Giant Ladders are rated with a workload capacity of 225 pounds, the ladder has actually been tested to withstand four times that amount without structural failure.

The Type II (2) Little Giant Ladder is also extremely versatile. For example, the Model 22 serves as a  5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 ft. A-frame step ladder,  a 22 ft. extension ladder, 2 scaffolding trestles and all sizes of staircase ladders between 5 and 9 ft. tall.

Clearly, it would take several ladders and hundreds of extra dollars to replace the capabilities of the Type II (2) Little Giant Ladder.

Imagine the convenience of having the capabilities of all of these ladders while only needing the storage space for one folded A-frame step ladder. When stored the Model 22 is only 5'7" tall.

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Type II Little Giant Ladders
Models 13, 17, and 22
To top it off, the adjustablilty of Little Giant Ladder enables it to be safely used in many additional situations where other ladders just won't work, such as on over bushes or on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks or other uneven surfaces.

Type II (2) Little Giant Ladders are so strong and durable that they even come with a 4 year warranty and if by some stroke of misfortune your ladder was ever damaged, replacement parts are readily available.  It may well be that your Little Giant Ladder will be the one and only ladder you'll ever need to own.

Type II
Commercial Duty 225 lbs. Rated

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Extension Height
A-frame Stepladder Height
Closed Size
Ladder Weight
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7' to 11'
3' to 5'
3' 7"
23 lbs.
9' to 15'
4' to 7'
4' 7"
29 lbs.
11' to 19'
5' to 9'
5' 7"
35 lbs.
Type I
* The Type II is not currently in production. The  Type I  is now the lightest duty model available.
2 yr. Warranty
Replacement Parts Availability
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