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Kevin Webster
Glass Care

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Welcome to, the home or launching point for a few of my sites and online catalogs.  If you are looking for the Trellix Web Help Site, you are getting warmer, as I did have it hosted here for a while, but have now found the perfect home for it here.

Please note the links in the left column for the web design help site, followed by links to a few catalogs also currently located in the Product Sales section of my business site at, which is an extensive portfolio detailing the many products and services we provide along with our highly acclaimed professional window cleaning service.

Established in 1983, Glass Care has a long list of fine accomplishments, including holding over two decade long-standing world records and being world renown as a leader in the industry, in equipment design, cleaning chemistry and window cleaning technique. We're also one of the original, founding charter members of the International Window Cleaning Association, formed by select top professionals from around the world, in the late eighties, which then quickly took the reigns in leading the industry to the highest standards in quality workmanship, safety, equipment, etc.

While perusing the left column, please note the link to our Better Business Bureau Review, where you'll find we are indeed an impeccably performing, Accredited Business with a top A+ rating. Our customer's ultra-satisfaction is always our very highest priority with each and every task we perform.

You'll also find a link in the left column to download my Business vCard for viewing and/or importing into your Contacts,* and you can send me an Email, or simply give me a call...

* vCard download tip: You may find that the stock Internet browser on your phone, among some of the others designed for phones, may only open vCard files as raw text including the tags, leaving them a bit cluttered for reading, and with no option to download or import the details directly into your Contacts. Subsequently, I have tested a few browsers, and mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, and Opera Mobile all do the job nicely. (Any of the three only take about a minute to download and install.)

Frankly, I actually, like the way my stock browser renders sites better than any of the others I've tested, but of the three I've mentioned that are capable of downloading for viewing and/or importing vCards into your Contacts, Firefox does the best job of clearly showing the links on a page, while the Opera browsers handle the page sizing a bit better. Opera Mini, has a nice Small, Medium or Large text option, which combined with the auto word wrapping is much nicer than zooming, though you can still do that, too. With this site, for example, it displays both columns, even when in the Large text mode, and your page is not floating around side to side as you scroll vertically.

If it showed the links in the text more visibly, I would definitely recommend Opera Mini between the three, though there are other features a person might desire that one of the other browsers might be better for. Firefox, for example, no doubt has a ton of add-ons, available...

I do highly recommend considering downloading and installing a browser that allows you to import a vCard file, even if you only use it to open the URL's from scanned QR codes, and for nothing else. We'll undoubtedly be seeing more and more QR codes in the future, and due to the need to keep them easy for our phones to scan and read, many will contain only the links to the actual content files being provided.  So, that means we'll be wanting to download the target files for easier viewing, at the very least, if not to actually save them.

On the other hand, if you prefer, you can also download my business vCard here, though it is a bit less detailed version.

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Kevin Webster

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